Can You Be Trusted With More?

Can you be trusted with more? Often times we ask to God to bless us with so many things but are you faithful over what you already have? You can't be faithful with what you have if you're always thinking about what you don't have or what you wish you had. We have to strive to show God that we can be trusted with the blessings as well as the struggle. Without the ups and downs, joys and pains of life we wouldn't fully appreciate our blessings. The lesson in it all is to value what you've worked for. Stop focusing on what you don't have.God is a God of more than enough . He won't just bless you, He will blow your mind. I am a living witness that when you do what is required of you, God will take care of you. He must know that He can trust you before He blesses you with more. It's our job to be grateful for what we have and be good stewards over what He's blessed us with. Peace and Blessings to you all!!!


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