Having an empty nest can be a good thing!

On June 3,2016 my daughter graduated from high school. I had been told by several friends and family members that I would go into a deep depression and go through the empty nest syndrome. My daughter is my only biological child, and we're very close. I witnessed my cousins and a few friends literally fall apart when their children left. On the first day of my daughter Chloe's senior year I began to pray and ask God to give me strength to make it through the year but also strength to make it through the transition of her going to college. The months seemed to pass by so fast and once prom was over things went by quickly. I attended the baccalaureate and the next week her graduation. As I sat through both of those ceremonies it was as if I had witnessed all of the stages of my daughter's life, from Pre-K to being a graduate. It was a very proud moment for me and I shed tears but they were tears of joy.

When it was time to drop Chloe off at college I began to pray again because again friends and family members had warned me about the empty nest syndrome and told be to be prepared for the real tears and depression to set in. I took her to college, help her set up her room, bought groceries and came back home. After the long 4 hour drive I showered, prayed and went to bed.Still no tears, no depression.Several days went by, a week then finally a month and I realized that because I had been praying for strength God granted me that. I didn't have to be depressed or go through an empty nest syndrome because that's not what I signed up for. I wanted her transition from high school to college to be a joyous occasion. Often times we allow others experiences to be our experiences because we adopt their way of thinking, we settle for what they've said and run with it like it's Biblical.

What if we took the word of God and ran with it, the way we run we when get advice from others??? Ummmmmm that's something to think about. My empty nest experience has been a great one, my daughter loves college life, my husband and I go out on more dates, and we spend less money on groceries. It's all about how you want things to go, if you have it in your mind it's going to be bad guess what it will be. There's a song by Myron Butler called Speak and in the song he says I shall have what I decree so I'm going to speak into the atmosphere. I am a true believer that death and life truly lie in the power of the tongue. Every time someone spoke about me having an empty nest syndrome I would speak against it. I never received it in my heart, mind or spirit. I want to encourage all of the mom's who are now in my shoes to embrace having an empty nest, there is some good that can and will come out of it, it's totally up to you!!!!

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