Stay Tuned!

Reflect on This:

Today I challenge you to tune in.Tune in to what God is saying to you.We all have a favorite that we watch with no interruptions,we are so tuned in that we record those shows,and we get excited when we see the previews of the following weeks episode.Are you tuned in to what God is saying to you about your life?If you were tuned in,you could see the previews of the blessing that are on the way.The Holy Spirit is there whispering to us,but how can we hear if we are not tuned in.Spend some time listening,with no interruptions,get tuned in.Listen in quietness with great expectations.The Holy Spirit helps us hear,so that we may hear God and operate in His will for our lives but you gotta get tuned in.God bless you all,have a wonderful day STAY TUNED & see what God has in store for you!!!!!!!!

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