Life's Seasons

The seasons of life can sometimes make you feel like you're on a roller coaster ride. One minute your up and the next minute your down. Sometimes it will throw you an unexpected curve ball. My curve ball was thrown to me in June. I had just turned 47 and my daughter had just celebrated her 21st birthday the day after my birthday. My daughter called and said" Mom I'm pregnant" I looked at the phone as if I had misheard her, in disbelief. I then said with what purpose? Surely this child wasn't telling me she was pregnant with a baby. My first thought was she's not married. How will she afford this baby? I'm not taking care of you and a baby. My nerves had gotten the best of me and my thoughts and emotions were all over the place. I have several friends who are already grandparents and they love it. I have heard so many great me and my grand baby stories and even seen cute pictures and videos of their adventures but I still wasn't ready. I was in panic mode because I knew I had to prepare to help nurture another child. I questioned my own parenting skills because my daughter got pregnant and didn't do what I had planned for her. I began having panic attacks and restless nights. Satan was doing a doozy of a job on me. I began to pray that God would grant me peace about the situation.On September 10th my daughter called and said she was having a girl. Suddenly it hit me, she's really having a baby. It's one thing to hear that she's pregnant but to hear that she was having a girl was evidence that this is real, she's carrying a baby. My level of stress and anxiety faded away. God granted me the peace I asked for. My daughter being a mother came faster than what I wanted it to BUT I realize it's not about me. I'm not in control of anything I can't even control my own life.God has

allowed this to be so and it's His plan for her life. Thank you God for me realizing that I am a part of His plan BUT I have nothing to do with the planning. I am now embracing this new season of my life and with God's guidance I'm going to make it, I'm going to be ok, I'm going to be an AWESOME grandmother

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