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CaSandra McLaughlin is a native of Marshall, Texas and a proud graduate of Marshall High School, where her dreams began to take flight.
CaSandra's talents are truly diverse, making her a standout figure in the world of Christian Fiction. As a national bestselling, award-winning Author and Motivational Speaker, she weaves tales that touch souls and ignite the spirit. Her passion for storytelling led her to an incredible milestone as she wrote, directed, and produced her very own faith-based movie, "Deacon Brown's Daughters." The film, based on a book co-authored with the talented Michelle Stimpson, enchanted audiences and earned the prestigious title of best feature film at the esteemed Capital City Film Festival in 2019.
Beyond her creative pursuits, CaSandra's heart beats for a noble cause - advocating for domestic violence awareness. In 2016, she took a courageous stand against this societal issue by penning and producing the powerful play, "Don't Love Me to Death." Her dedication to spreading awareness is also beautifully expressed in her book, "Loving Me to Life (Strength for the Journey After Abuse)," which eloquently narrates her personal experiences and the path to healing after overcoming domestic violence.
CaSandra is a loving wife to Richard McLaughlin, she has one beautiful daughter, Chloe, and two amazing grandchildren, Nova and Noir.

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