A New Beginning - Blended Blessings (Book 1)

Sometimes love doesn’t work out the first time. Or the second. Now in her third marriage, Angelia is hoping for her happily-ever-after with former pro-football player Darren Holley. But soon after they move into their sprawling mini-mansion, Darren’s new job as a high school football coach in a trophy-hungry Texas town consumes him, leaving Angelia feeling like a single mother to her two children as well as Darren’s twin diva-daughters. Not to mention the drama from Darren’s mother, who can’t get over the fact that her son has married a woman with so much baggage. When Angelia confides in a few ladies from the local church, their nice, sweet, holy-wife advice may prove ineffective and too burdensome. Should Angelia cut her losses and get out before the ink settles on their marriage certificate, or will she finally learn the true meaning of marriage as she and Darren attempt to blend two very different backgrounds in the face of adversity and nosy church folk? A New Beginning is the first book in the Blended Blessings series by newcomer CaSandra McLaughlin and bestselling author Michelle Stimpson.

Through It All - Blended Blessings (Book 2)

Angelia Holley knows she'd never win a mother-of-the-year award. But was her example so bad that it drove her daughter, Amber, to repeat the pattern of teenage pregnancy? And why did Amber pick J.D. of all people to father her baby? While Angelia is forming a bond with her stepdaughter, Skylar, twin sister Tyler isn't nearly as fond of the new "family" forming in the Holley household. When Tyler starts to act out, will Angelia be able to keep her mouth shut and let her husband and the girls' mother work this out? And the baby of the family, Demarcus, suddenly wants to bond with his biological father. Should Angelia swallow her pride, overlook the years of lack of financial/emotional support, and allow Demarcus to form a bond with the man who has never been there for him? Join Angelia and Darren Holley as they continue with the growing pains of a blended family as they mature in their knowledge of the One who can help them through.

Peace Of Mind - Blended Blessings (Book 3)

Angelia Holley hopes that things in her blended family have made a turn for the better. She and her stepdaughter, Tyler, are getting along better. Twin Skylar has fully recuperated from surgery and Angelia is even learning to embrace her new role as a much-too-young grandmother. 
Just when Angelia gets a firm handle on life, up pops Javar—her oldest child’s father, who had been imprisoned. Will Angelia be able to put her past life with her previous boo behind? Will Javar want a relationship with Amber and Dylan? 
And then there’s her meddling mother-in-law, Mother Holley. Will she ever accept Angelia as Darren’s wife? Will Angelia’s prayer group be able to help her stand on the word and her faith, trusting God to work it out? 
Join Darren and Angelia in the final book of the Blended Blessings series to see if they will ever have peace of mind. 


Tania Clinton left her small home town of Sweet Lily, Texas shortly after her graduation day with the intent to never return. Her mother had gone on to be with the Lord leaving her and her baby sister Naomi to be raised at the hands of her eldest sister Mona. Things between Tania and Mona weren't great but she'd moved on, made a new life drama free for herself and didn't have a desire to reach out to her sisters. After receiving an invitation to her youngest sisters wedding, memories of why she left began to haunt her.Why was this happening? Had Tania truly forgiven Mona or  had she simply tucked those memories in the back of her mind?Will a trip home, change their relationship? How long does it really take to forgive and move on?

Not With The Church's Money

When the pastor of Lee Chapel passes away suddenly, his son, Willie Lee, Jr., is supposed to pick up the mantle. But "church" was never Willie Jr.'s forte...until his uncle Joseph convinces him that becoming the next pastor might prove beneficial financially. 


Willie's mother, Ephesia, hopes that her son will be able to fill his father's shoes, but she has doubts. And Willie's Aunt Galatia has no problem voicing her opinions about Willie Jr.'s deficiencies. In fact, she hopes that her husband (Joseph) will soon be able to take over the job of shepherding the church. 

Deacon Brown's Daughters

Back in the day, green-eyed Stanley David Brown was a ladies’ man. Now he’s God’s man, and he’s got a lot of cleaning up to do. But where does an absentee father start in the quest to get to know the children he abandoned? Will they give him a chance to make up for lost time? Stanley has missed out on his chance with his son. But his three daughters, Yolanda, Kim, and Sabrina, are in for a surprise when their long lost father comes strolling back into their lives. Stanley’s presence is met with three different responses, not to mention the reactions from his children’s mothers. Stanley is doing his best to win the girls’ hearts, but how many times can one man apologize before giving up again? Bestselling author duo CaSandra McLaughlin and Michelle Stimpson had their editor crying with this one! Join this journey of life, love, and forgiveness as Stanley and his daughters walk through touch territory in a storyline that rings true for so many people. Grow with Stanley and his daughters as they all grow to know the Best Father ever.   

Step Of Faith​

How long should she hold on to the past for her children's sake? Frenchetta Davenport just spent another Christmas alone, without her children or grandchildren. She's always lived for her family, but apparently they aren't thinking twice about her. When she makes a sudden decision to make herself happy, for once in her life, she has to deal with the repercussions this new life brings with the children who were hardly even thinking about her.

Step of Faith is the first book in the Magnolia Gardens series by bestselling Christian Fiction author duo Michelle Stimpson & CaSandra McLaughlin. You will enjoy this cast of lively cast of senior characters and grow to love them through their trials and triumphs.   

To Be Loved​

Taylor Jackson has spent her whole life looking for love in all the wrong places.Will being jilted at the altar cause her to leap into what appears to be love? After a lifetime of being conditioned by her mother to be materialistic, will Taylor become her mother?

Malcolm West has been raising his teenage daughter on his own since his wife's death. He hasn't had a desire to date in years.. When he meets Taylor his heart awakens but will Taylor's past threaten what could possibly be a bright future with Malcolm?

Hope For Tomorrow

Though Maxine is up in age, she’s just starting to live now that she’s no longer in her abusive marriage. But making new friends and trying new things doesn’t feel safe. Not only that, her son is begging for Maxine to give his father another chance. After all this time, how could she turn her back on the man she gave the best years of her life to?

And inquiring minds want to know: Will Buddy ever stop trying to hit on every woman who enters Magnolia Gardens?